Etekcity 0.001oz/0.01g 500g Table-Top Digital Pocket Kitchen Food & Jewelry Weight Compact Scale,Tare,PCS Features, 2 AAA Batteries included

A Setting for every Setting
Measure in six different modes. From traditional grams or ounces to carats and grains, this scale measures it all! Whether you’re measuring flour for a recipe or a diamond for a ring, this scale does it all. Measure weight quickly and accurately with the Smart Digital Table-Top Scale.

Smart Design
The S Smart Digital Table-Top Scale is smartly and stylishly designed with stainless steel. It is small enough to stow away in a cupboard or shelf, but has enough room on it to measure up to 500g! It also has an LCD screen for added convenience.

1, 2, 3, Count!
Who has time to count hundreds of small parts? This Smart Digital Table-Top Scale takes the work out of counting. Instead of tediously separating and counting hundreds or thousands of small parts or pieces, just pour them out onto this scale and it will count them all with precision and accuracy.

Maximum capacity: 500g
Function Keys: Power, Mode/Unit convers